Leadership is more…

Welcome to Reliance Leadership

Welcome to Reliance LeadershipLeadership brings that ability to call out the uniqueness of people – their potential. It embraces innovation, critical thinking, expanding influence and looks for effectiveness and solutions.

But how do you develop leadership skills, rather than ‘managing’ people? At Reliance Leadership, we know that Leadership is more… It takes Courage to take stock of where you are as a leader and look for more.

That is where we reveal the possibilities through Strategic Coaching, Leadership Development or Entrepreneurial Coaching, because the development of a true leader is driven by future needs.

Above all else we believe that a leader has to pursue the BIG picture of leadership in the family, community and beyond our borders. That is why, at Reliance Leadership, we serve in our indigenous community and in developing nations; raising up leaders.

How Can We Help?


We work extensively with High School students, preparing them for Life in the Marketplace, as we discern a generation to impact this nation and the nations, for good. Young people comment frequently that they see ‘Accepting Responsibility’ as a quality lacking in leadership today!

Not only do we seek to equip students with solid leadership skills, but also impart these to Universities, Business, Not for Profits and Professionals.

  • Leaders bring vision to an organisation and allow people to work in an environment that is challenging and engaging, allow them to grow, where they are respected and have a deeper sense of purpose.
  • The flow-on effect is: teamwork, collaboration and a team that works smarter and harder.
  • You will influence not only your business, but other organisations, family and the community at large.