About Alan & Wilma

Alan Thomson

Alan is a strategic thinker and a visionary with the ability to impart and equip people to reach their potential.

Alan has lectured at UNSW, Ryde TAFE, Sydney Institute of TAFE and Alphacrucis College.
He holds a Cert IV TAE40110.

With nearly 25 years in the building industry, project management, contracts and sales management as a Civil Engineer, Alan has worked with people from all walks of life. He has operated two businesses successfully; he is thought provoking, challenges the process and works well with people to bring them to new found POTENTIAL and INNOVATION.

Wilma Thomson

Wilma Thomson

Wilma has lead a team of people while working with a leading charitable organisation; Mission Australia. She has also contributed to Anglicare and Pilgrim International.

Wilma thrives on connecting with people and encouraging them to go higher in their sphere of influence.

Women benefit from her wisdom and insight and Wilma is an excellent facilitator with small workshops and seminars.

Alan in Bangladesh