Potential and Personal Development Coaching

We often ask our students during a workshop: ‘Who are you?’ and ‘What is your vision?’

It is quite uncanny that many young people don’t really know how to answer that question. Many students struggle with the notion that their identity is linked to their Facebook ‘likes’. 

The understanding of Who am I? What is my passion? and even What is my vision? is essential to the changes which occur when students transition from Year 6 to Year 7, Year 9 to Year 10, Year 11 to 12 and again into University, College or the workplace.

A major concern for many students (according to a report by Mission Australia and confirmed by educators) is their mental wellbeing. 

At times their confidence in their own personal abilities is shaken by how they perceive the performance of their peers, either through better marks, or the speed with which these students perform a task. These views can undermine the student’s ability to progress academically.

How can these matters be addressed, so that a student has a healthy self-esteem, improves their communication skills and peer relationships?

Potential and Personal Development Coaching can help young people gain confidence in who they are, with their unique abilities, gifts and talents. This in turn enables them to navigate challenges, learn to focus and process new information, which are excellent lifelong skills. Overall a young person will gain a clearer sense of direction for their personal life.

Coaching typically runs over a 13-week period, with weekly sessions of 1 hour each, for optimum results. 

Some of the topics covered may be (not exclusively):

  • Identity vs Image-Who am I?
  • Communication-the art of listening
  • Goal Setting – Perseverance
  • Decision Making and Peer Leadership
  • Strategic Planning-Time Management
  • Vision –the heart inspires
  • Wellbeing-Mental health
  • Leadership Capabilities  
  • Values
  • Mindsets
  • Conflict Resolution

These sessions will be tailored to suit the age, needs, abilities, character and circumstances of your child, in order to derive the most value from the coaching.

Alan takes great care of his clients and works with genuine affection and interest in the wellbeing of your child. It is his desire to instil within young people lifelong skills to guide them to reach their maximum potential, through encouraging and challenging them.

These are times in which our children need to be equipped for the challenges that lie ahead.

Personally, for Alan as a parent, he would like to see his own children ‘go higher and further than he has ever gone’. That is probably the desire of most parents.

Potential and Personal Development Coaching is one of the means through which we can see our children have a healthy mindset and be the people they were created to be.

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Knowing ‘Who am I?’ means a young person has confidence in their gifts and abilities, which in turn strengthens their communication skills.

Better focus and learning allow for fewer distractions and the courage to overcome challenges.

Confidence then builds clear vision, which relates to personal as well as academic life.

Gifts and abilities are tested and tried through numerous challenges and opportunities in life. These formulate the measure of who we are.

Who we are has a huge impact on how we communicate.

Each one of us has been created as a unique person. Your child’s life, with his or her special character, reflects their identity. Self-esteem, vision, leadership abilities, values; these may be shaped and sharpened through day to day decisions, goal setting, mindsets, conflict resolution, time management etc.

This is the goal of Potential and Personal Development Coaching.

Contact us now to enquiry about a Free Discovery session.

At the end of the Discovery session your child will be provided with valuable pointers that would help them get started in their personal development journey.

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