entrepreneurshipWhat does it take to be an entrepreneur?

We coach you carefully through the 4 Phases of Entrepreneurship, ranging from Self-discovery, through to Strategies, Risk, Leadership and Vision all the way to Purpose.

Entrepreneurs can exhibit true leadership in their strategic planning, innovation, vision and their values. We coach these leaders to find their true purpose for the greater benefit to the community, rather than solely for personal gain. The 4 phases of Entrepreneurship lead to the realisation of vision. The choices made along the way affect the end result more than one realises.

Development of leadership is essential to bring out true potential.

Entrepreneurs are willing to take risks. This needs to be teamed with the opportunity, innovation and purpose that present themselves in a given time frame.

Each person is unique and coaching allows people to embrace development while sharpening skills and talents.

The focus is always on people and communication is an integral part of that relationship and the process of transformation. Leadership development is foundational in entrepreneurship. Through coaching and workshops effective solutions are explored, as well as innovation and critical thinking skills tested.