Biblical Entrepreneurship

In partnership with Nehemiah Consulting, we offer a biblically based entrepreneurship curriculum, which provides transformational business discipleship.

This exciting programme brings a strong mix of core business concepts and biblical principles for small to medium size business.

The Word of God is used as a guide to exercising stewardship over His resources and to serve others while building a profitable and sustainable business.

The mission is to transform the marketplace through education one entrepreneur and family at a time.

Young Biblical Entrepreneurs

One of the areas that differentiates us from other creatures, is the ability to imagine. God spoke the world into being and He has given us creative ability. However, without vision, we are useless.

  • A purpose will motivate you
  • A purpose will keep your priorities straight
  • A purpose will develop your potential
  • A purpose will give you the power to live in the present
  • A purpose will help you evaluate your progress.

As we strive to reach our full potential, we must remember to ‘fail forward’. Our failures always being a learning curve to the potential we can fully reach one day.

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