When do young leaders step up to the plate? Who prepares them for taking up the baton?

Alan & Wilma conduct and facilitate student workshops for Year 8 to 12 to prepare students for Life in the Market Place, with Direction, Purpose and Hope.

Students have the opportunity to engage, reflect, interact, have practical input and set goals. The workshops are tailored to the needs of the school, and the year groups.

These groups can vary from a leadership team to a year cohort, between 15 -200+ students.

Sessions tend to be about 2 hours, either in school, or at a study or leadership camp.
Issues addressed and explored: e.g.

  • Who am I? What is my passion? What is my vision?
  • I follow a leader; what do I expect from this leader?
  • 21 Indispensable qualities of a Leader
  • Define and explore Leadership
  • Character and Sphere of Influence
  • Communication and skills

Workshops framework can be:

Identity versus Image YR 8
Definitions & Social Media
Beliefs & Values
Who do I follow?
Skills, talents, abilities
Tools to overcoming fears
Goal setting
Mentorship & Accountability
Servant Leadership YR 11
What does Servant leadership look like?
Qualities for growth
Rate yourself: disciplines and goals
Strategic Plan with small group


‘Students felt very engaged with the delivery and especially the layout of groups of tables for group work. They liked that both you and Wilma spoke, with the reflection of the contributions from each person in the group.’

St George Christian School
Joel Garlato
Director Student Wellbeing

‘This was a session with a newly appointed student leadership team. The definition of leadership and outlines of challenges of leadership roles were clear and insightful with our students. They openly shared their fears in the role for the year ahead and you were keen to offer  solutions that would assist them. The session was fun and challenging, yet safe for the students to learn and share their views.’

Newington College
Bob Meakin
Deputy Head-Stanmore

‘Students were pushed out of their comfort zones and made to think on the spot. This developed resilience as the workshop went on. Every student was enthusiastic and each had received something different, depending on the point at which they were; they were able to recount clear things that had stood out to them and that they had learned.’

Toongabbie Christian School
Bronwyn Wong
Leadership Co-ordinator

‘Well-paced, engaging and challenging, with positive feedback from the students. They responded well to Alan
and Wilma’s personal stories…they modelled open and honest communication.’

Arndell Anglican School
Leighton Corr
Head of Senior School

‘I was very happy with how things went and the response from the boys has been good.’

The King’s School
Dr Steven Middleton
Director Leadership Studies

‘Thank you for your work with the boys today, I have heard many good stories and very positive feedback. One young man stated & Out of all the activities we did, I enjoyed the Leadership Session most. It spoke right into where I am at the moment.’

Once again, thank you for your involvement, six 90 minute sessions working with 170 boys at this time of year is not easy. So to maintain attention and provide meaningful content, relevant to the journey into manhood is highly impressive.’

The King’s School
Brendan Stewart
Acting Director Leadership

Student Testimonials:

‘I thought this would be a waste of time, but it has certainly challenged me to look at ‘Who I am’ and ‘Where I am going.’’

Year 11 Student St George CS

‘Thank you so much for sharing with us, as a couple, that means a lot to me and I have really benefited from engaging us as a group of young people.’

Year 11 Student Camp

‘Thank you for showing us the way forward and challenging us to get there.’

Student Prefect Newington College

‘Very helpful in clarifying for me my skills and abilities and seeing where I am at. Thank you.’

Year 12 Student Toongabbie C S

‘I am making a commitment to work on this one area in my life that is important to me now.’

Year 8 Student Newington College

‘Out of all the activities we did today, I enjoyed the Leadership workshop most. It spoke right into where I a at the moment.’

Year 10 Student The King’s School

‘Fantastic. This was really helpful, especially the Communication part, which speaks to me personally.’

Year 10 Student The King’s School

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