Young Leaders

When do young leaders step up to the plate? Who prepares them for taking up the baton?

In this age of electronic communication, not many youth have mastered strong personal communication skills.

Young people benefit immensely from creative input relating to skills for leadership, especially hands-on, with the opportunity to grow personally.

Young Leaders may prefer to be mentored individually, or join a small group. We raise up Leaders to face the future with confidence with lifelong skills in the areas of character, vision, accountability and developing wisdom.

Student Leadership

A workshop format is available for equipping student leaders in high schools, prefects, captains and vice-captains. (Years 9-12)

Aspects of leadership are covered, such as ‘Who am I?’, Communication, Leadership Development, Vision, Character, Accountability.

The exact mix will be established with the teaching staff responsible, working in partnership with the school.

These workshops can be presented as part of a leadership camp, or regular 2 hour sessions during leadership events, as the school sees the opportunity.

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