It has been a wonderful experience...

'It has been a wonderful experience to have Alan as a personal and leadership coach for our sons. Alan showed genuine affection and interest to our sons’ coaching.He had tailored the coaching program to suit their individual circumstances and guided them to reach their maximum potential. Alan exceeded our expectations; I highly recommend Alan for anyone who would like to provide their children with lifelong skills and uplift their leadership capabilities.

Thas & Mathy

Alan was keen to offer solutions that would assist them...

Alan Thomson from Reliance Leadership lead a session with our newly appointed student  leadership team. His definition of leadership and his outlines of the challenges of leadership roles were clear and insightful with our students. The students shared openly their fears in the role for the year ahead and Alan was keen to offer solutions that would assist them.

The session was fun and was challenging yet safe for the students to learn and share their views.

It formed a great start to their year as student leaders.

Bob Meakin
Deputy Student Headmaster, Newington College

Students were pushed out of their comfort zones...

'Students were pushed out of their comfort zones and made to think on the spot. This developed resilience as
the workshop went on. Every student was enthusiastic and each had received something different, depending
on the point at which they were; they were able to recount clear things that had stood out to them and that
they had learned.'

Bronwyn Wong
Leadership Co-ordinator, Toongabbie Christian School

Thank you for your work with the boys...

'Thank you for your work with the boys today; I have heard many good stories and very positive feedback. One
young man stated 'Out of all the activities we did, I enjoyed the Leadership Session most. It spoke right into
where I am at the moment.'
Once again, thank you for your involvement, six 90 minute sessions working with 170 boys at this time of year
is not easy. So to maintain attention and provide meaningful content, relevant to the journey into manhood is
highly impressive.'

Brendan Stewart
The King’s School

I thought the workshop was fantastic...

'I thought the workshop was fantastic, especially the area of communication, it really spoke to me'

Year 10 Student The King’s School

I am making a commitment...

'I am making a commitment to work on this one area in my life that is important to me now.'

Year 8 Student Newington College

Very helpful in clarifying for me...

'Very helpful in clarifying for me my skills and abilities and seeing where I am at. Thank you.

Year 12 Student Toongabbie C S

Thank you for showing us the way forward...

'Thank you for showing us the way forward and challenging us to get there.

Student Prefect Newington College

I thought this would be a waste of time, but...

'I thought this would be a waste of time, but it has certainly challenged me to look at 'Who I am' and 'Where I
am going.''

Year 11 Student St George CS

‘Encouraging mentor who has cultivated...

‘Encouraging mentor who has cultivated many innovative ideas to pursue, alongside leadership principles.’

Nathan T.

‘Alan has helped me achieve and complete...

‘Alan has helped me achieve and complete my Business Diploma at Alphacrucis College through coaching and mentorship and keeping me accountable to the task at hand. His teaching method is sound and challenging.’

Navneet S.
Student Alphacrucis College Parramatta

I have benefited from Alan tremendously in the areas...

"I have benefited from Alan tremendously in the areas of starting my business in Architecture and my spiritual life.

Alan has great insights into the spiritual and natural areas. Having this kind of feedback is invaluable. I have received advice on goal setting and the strategies to complete them."

Luke Fernandes
Part time Student Architecture UNSW

Alan is a real visionary-he goes way beyond...

Through coaching, he has shown me how to set goals and achieve them.

Rodney Silarsah
Director D&G Cleaning Professionals