A precious​ burden

A parent naturally wants the best for their children. To provide them with a good education and set them on the right path. But even doing everything to be a great parent… challenges occur such as: 

  1. Not doing as well as they should in school
  2. Deep level connection ​with them
  3. Seem to lack a vision or ambition for their lives,  always on their phones or playing games
  4. Family communication is almost n​on-existent and only deteriorating
  5. Addictions like cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol
  6. Anger outbursts, mental health issues, family conflict and the list go on...

Is it going to get better as they grow older?

Maybe, and maybe not. You can't leave it to chance because the future carries a great deal of uncertainty… They may go on to become responsible adults and live fairly good lives, bu​t on the flipside, they may be dragged to the path of failure, darkness.  ​Anything could happen, especially as they enter the critical defining stages of their lives.

Those are:

Year 6 to Year 7
Year 9 to Year 10
Year 11 to Year 12, through to University, College and the workplace.

What can you do about it?

While difficult to control children, preparation for their future by providing them with the tools and life-long skills enabling them into responsible successful achievers is crucial, so

We initiated Reliance Leadership potential and personal development coaching.

A program designed to take students from the world of the unknown into a journey of self-discovery and self-mastery. We take a proactive approach to set the students on the right path. Our coaching is highly effective because it is grounded in timeless biblical principles that bring about profound change in students. 

We provide a 13-week coaching program. One hour per week. It’s focused around:

    Building a solid character.
    Gaining confidence with uniqueness.
    Setting a clear vision for the future.

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